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Guess Paper (English, 9th Class, 2010, Science Group)

Q.7 How did the Muslim women work for independence? Ans. Though the Muslim women were in street "purdah" and were less and less politically aware, they played an active part in the independence movement. They formed the womens branch of the Muslim League to organize women and inform them about the politics of the country. They organized public meetings for women and addressed large gathering. They had opened classes in their honour to educate Muslims girls. Thee brave ladies encouraged their brothers, husbands and sons not to give up the struggle for Pakistan until their goal was achieved. Q.8 What role did Begum Mohammad Ali play in the freedom movement? Ans. Begum Mohammad Ali was a admirable and remarkable lady. Dressed in Burqah she not only attended men's public meeting but was called the first women to address them. She also wrote for the press in simple but effective words and awakened the Muslim women by her inspiring speeches. Q.9 What was the Indian National Congress? Why did many Muslim leaders left it? Ans. The Indian National Congress was the political party formed by the Hindus and the Muslims in order to drive British out of India. The Muslims soon realized that the Hindus wee in majority and the Congress would never ever treat the Muslims equally and give them their due share in the government, so many Muslim leaders left it.

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